Buffalo Springfield Sad Memory

Buffalo Springfield

Sad Memory

music by Richie Furay


Lead vocal: Richie Furay

Electric lead guitar: Neil Young

Acoustic guitar: Richie Furay

Soft winds blow in the summertime   

Young lovers feel so free 

Walking hand in hand down a shady lake 

What happened to me? 

What happened to me?  

Did you ever love a girl who 

Walked right out on you 

You should know just how I'm feeling 

Why I'm so blue 

Why I'm so blue  

How can I forget those nights 

When she'd kiss me soft and true 

And whisper words only lovers know 

I Love You 

I Love You  

We'll I've made up my mind 

I'll find a new girl 

Who'll love me tenderly 

Forget the past 

I left behind now 

to sad memories

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